11 great ways to create routines and save time

No matter what you want or how much you want, only consistency can shape your future. So,create routines for success.

“Where is the time?” is a common complaint that we hear from most of the people. While everyone has 24 hours in a day, some people can do more work than others. This is because they plan and manage their time better. We do almost 90% of our daily works from habits. And, when habits are strung together, they create routines. Let’s check how our morning and evening routines can help us save time.

Why create routines?

Everyone has 24 hours and every day we have some errands or tasks that needs to be done. However, when tasks are completed with no system, will lead to waste of time. It makes, even, the simplest task take hours together. This is why creating routine is sensible. This helps to organize things and also ensures that nothing is missed. Once you stick to a routine, everything seems to be on autopilot after some time.

You can save time and be productive by creating a daily routine. Here are 11 ways to save your time and create better routines to be more productive.

1. Cut down actions that does not matter

More often than not, there are many people who tend to spend on action that does not matter. It varies with individual situations. Binge watching Netflix is a great example that one should avoid.  Limiting time to 30 minutes or an hour after completing all daily activities should be considered. Start identifying on what action wastes your time and these will help you save much time for important activities.

2. Avoid Distractions

Identifying distractions and avoiding them is vital to create routines.  While social media channels are beneficial in several ways, they also create a lot of distraction. Almost everyone has habit of checking their smartphones every five minutes for incoming posts. This eats up a lot of time. Today’s technology allows you to create separate profile in your smartphone. So, in times that you don’t want to get distracted, setup a profile that is free from the distractions. These will help you save a lot of time daily.

3. Start with exercise

Doing some exercise in the morning makes one more energetic and helps to have a positive outlook. Workouts, in the morning, soothe the brain and allow you to gain control over your impulses. Studies also show that starting a day with exercise entails more overall activity and one can do jobs in less time and thus save time every day.

4. Eat good breakfast

Eating good breakfast is the key to start the day in a better manner. This gives the right nutrition, supports well-being, and helps to perform better swinging open the doors for a productive day. It also helps one to be more focused on any job for a long time. Thus, it is a vital step to create routines for saving time.

5. Set goal for the day

Setting concrete goals helps one to be organized and thus save much time every day.  This sets the ball in motion and also makes one more confident about taking control of the situation.  The best way to do this is to breakdown the overall goal into narrow segments and to allot specific time for that. It will get you ready for your workplace.

6. Clean your workspace

A major part of our working hours is spent on locating the things needed. If you are a slave of the situation you can never find the time. Studies reveal that people who work in a clean environment show better efficiency. They can also concentrate better. So, you must remove the clutter from your workspace and keep everything organized. This will ultimately help you save time and be more productive.

7.  No e-mail in the morning

This is one of the most essential and vital elements to create routines for saving time. Do not start your day by checking e-mails in the first hour. Checking e-mails may feel like you are doing a productive job, but in reality it is an unhealthy habit. Moreover, once you pick up the phone, you will end up spending a great deal of time on it. So, focus on other tasks such as meditating or exercising first, this way you will begin your day with great mind.

8. Assign times to make the to-do list effective

A things-to-do-list only tells what you need to do and makes sure that you do not miss anything. Specifying the time frame helps one to avoid procrastination and makes the list more effective. It further helps to prioritize things and finishing the tasks within the allotted period. This helps great time management and one can save much time.

9. Hold meeting as scheduled

There is a saying that people meet to decide that nothing can be done. Dragging a meeting for long is a common scenario in almost all workplaces. This makes meetings a big time waster. Meetings should never continue beyond the schedule. This will make all participants more focused and ultimately help to set much time of the day.

10. Avoid multitasking

Multitasking is tempting but studies indicate that it does not improve performance. It bars the thought process and ultimately your progress becomes slow. So, complete one job at a time or monotask for better productivity.

11. Learn to say no

Saying no to things that does not matter means honoring and respecting your time and schedule. Learning to say not only save you time but it will give a better mental health for you too.


Creating routines requires practice. You may combine any of the suggested routines in your daily life. Combination of good routines will bring you the most benefit.

So, what routine are you planning to start on?

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