Hobonichi Techo Setup : Hobonichi Weeks 2020 Planner Wallet

I did a Hobonichi Techo Setup post for my Hobonich Techo A6 last year. This year, I decided to go back to Hobonichi Weeks because this is one planner which I just love and works for me as a planner on the go because I carry it in my planner wallet. Do you have a planner on the go ??

If you don’t, I would recommend you to get one coz this planner will be so useful for you when you want to check out sometime on a specific weeks or days. Well, you can always say you have your phone but to me, I find it even more interesting to flip through the planner than the phone (which I often forget what exactly I’m looking for because I’ll be distracted with messages and emails on the phone)

Hobonichi Leather Cover : Planner Wallet

Personally, I think that the Hobonichi Weeks are best to be carried as a wallet. So, if you are looking for Hobonichi Leather Cover, getting a planner wallet will be my recommendation. I have two of these and my one go to source to design a wallet for my planner is my favourite artisan YardLeathersmith. All I need to do, is give him the design and he will do it. He also throws in his ideas as well if needed, so, if you have an idea in mind and not sure how to convey it to him, do ask his advice. Or you can also take a look at his Instagram link to get some ideas.

Planner Wallet for Hobonichi Weeks
Looking for a Hobonichi Weeks Leather Case, then check out this Planner Wallet from YardLeathersmith

His workmanship is beyond marvellous. I mean if you actually look for a similar type of wallet from other sellers, you will be paying a lot more and also you don’t really get to give your own design for them to do it. Thus, if you want a personalised planner wallet, choose YardLeathersmith.

Hobonichi Weeks 2020 Setup

Let’s take a look at how I setup my Hobonichi Weeks for the year 2020. I always carry my Hobonichi stencil ruler which is very useful for me when I’m creating squares and circles for my planner. Of course, my credit cards, coupons, vouchers, bills goes in it too.

Hobonichi Weeks Planner Wallet

I always carry this around with me because I jot down my personal errands, reminder, ideas etc… it’s practically will be my source for information that I do not put in my phone. Every year, I take some time to think what else I can use the Hobonichi Weeks for. Maybe I can do my budget in there or my new project ideas and so on. Okay, I don’t want to bore you with details, you can check out my video on my Hobonichi Techo Setup for Hobonichi Weeks – Planner Wallet.