My Reflection Journal Walkthrough

I am not sure reflection or reflective journal is the correct term to refer this journal but I think it is a must have journal for everyone who wish to grow in their life. My reflection journal is the traveller’s notebook in the regular size. I decided to just use the travellers notebook which I use as a travel journal. I had an extra notebook with prewritten pages that I don’t use anymore, I stuck those used pages together and use the remaining pages to start with my reflective journal. You see, I wasn’t sure whether I am going to stick to this routine, hence I just decided to use what ever available at that time. First couple of pages, I used to test my pens and writing style. I want to use fountain pen because let’s be real, we never have the opportunity to use fountain pens in our daily life, so writing a journal, I would definitely want my fountain pen with cursive writing. 

As you can see my entries are not on daily basis. I don’t want to make it a daily thing because I am preoccupied with my daily tasks. However, whenever I feel wanting to jot down an important occasion or event or even vent out my frustration. This journal is definitely my go to channel. I  love writing in the reflection journal because it’s a great avenue for me to write down my ideas, my feelings, my thoughts and everything that I feel at that moment because sometimes when I do read back again, it’s a wonderful feeling to see how far I’ve become from the ‘then’ me and the ‘now’ me. Everytime, I read back my entry, I am thankful to God for blessing me with all the things that he has provided for me.

The pen I use for this journal initially was the twsbi eco in the stub 1.1 nib but later I’ve changed it to fine nib twsbi. My preference is definitely the stub nib as the cursive writing tend to show beautifully whenever I write in cursive, so I have gone back to my twsbi stub nib. I also use the pentel brush for titles, happy planner stickers for decoration and some washi tapes.

So if you are a person who wants to start writing journal I would suggest not to make it a daily thing but right it according to your mood or when you feel like it. So far my journal entry is mainly about something memorable that happened that particular day, my achievements, my gratitude, my goals and there was this one time I have written about my depression especially how I was feeling at that time. I cried when I was writing that entry… Believe me, after writing, I felt so good and I felt like I have finally talked to someone and I managed to dig deeper on my issues and I felt lighter. I would highly suggest to everyone to have a reflective journal because it’s really a good way to build a better version of you and it’s also the best way to see how far you have evolved..

Do you have a reflection journal as well? Let me know, how it helped you?

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