How to Capture best ideas that comes during Shower?

Have you ever sat down to brainstorm some ideas and end up hearing cricket sounds in your brain instead? But the moment you get in the shower, great ideas flows non-stop but by the time you are dressed and get to your desk and start writing, everything vanishes. Or during … Read More

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Hobonichi Techo Planner 2021 : How to choose best Planner?

September is the month where most planners for the following year will be released. Hobonichi Techo Planner 2021 lineup was slowly updated on Hobonichi website in the August and finally opened for sale from 1st September 2020. There are different type and sizes of Hobonichi Techo Planners that you can … Read More

Stop Procrastination with 5 simple tips

Procrastination is number 1 enemy for productivity. We tend to have a long list of tasks that we should do on that day but we procrastinate. We know what we should do but we chose not to do it because we just don’t want to do it. The problem is not that we cannot do it but we just hate the thought of doing it because we are probably overwhelmed by the size of the task, don’t have mood to do it, tired or we don’t have fun doing it at all.

4 Tips to spend time productively during quarantine

Almost the whole world are in quarantine due to pandemic. I on the other hand went to work because my full time job considered as essential, so did not enjoy the quarantine so much. In fact, I am busier than before because I have to spend more time teaching my … Read More