Review: Food Delivery Service

How many of you are stuck at work and don’t really have time to go and have lunch? How many of you who are lazy to drive or walk to have lunch?? Well, I am not lazy to walk or drive to have lunch but I feel like the time wasted just to get to the place is too much. Time is precious and it’s replaceable. That’s why I prefer to bring food from home and eat at my desk. However, on days that I don’t bring food, I opt for food delivery service that have mushroomed so much in Klang Valley. All you have to do is download these apps to your phone, order your favourite cuisine from your desk and food will be  delivered to you right away. No queue and no hassle!!!



I stumbled upon their service on Instagram. The review given was good and I like the fact that they have various cuisine namely; Thai, Chinese, Malay and so on but the menu of choice is definitely limited. There are no deliver charges and the price range starts from RM14.90. That’s pretty cheap if you ask me. Not to mention the cheapest food delivery service that is offered in Klang Valley (till date I haven’t found other service which is cheaper than theirs). And the food is awesome. I have tried their nasi phad prik chicken and kung pao chicken with rice and they are delicious. The food comes in a box with vegetable of the day and a cute bottle of water. However, the required time to prepare and deliver is about 90 minutes, and yes I have waited that long as well. Once, I ordered at 11.30am but food was only delivered at 2.45pm and I was already on my way to a meeting. Luckily, I chose COD for the food, so when the delivery guy sent it, I told him that the food is delivered late and please take it back. If you are super hungry and want your food fast, I would say, don’t pick Mammam.


2. Foodpanda

Unlike, this site offers food to be deliverd to you from various restaurants. Foodpanda charges for the delivery. So, whatever amount you are paying for the food, you have to add flat rate delivery charge at RM5 and also the minimum rate you have to order is RM15. Ordering food from foodpanda is the easiest and the choice of restaurants are so many that you have hard time to pick. I’ve got to admit ordering food from foodpanda is not a cheap option as the minimum amount you are going to spend for your food is about RM20 (inclusive of delivery charges). On days that I don’t mind to eat lavishly, i would go for foodpanda and splurge 😛


3. HoneyBee

Honeybee delivers groceries and food. It’s very easy to order because the categories are pretty much on the front page and all you have to do is just click it. Food choices are good but most of the food can only be ordered after 11 am. So, if you are looking for breakfast, forget it. You might want to try McDonald’s delivery. You also have to meet the minimum spending amount as well which is RM20. Delivery fee to use this service is RM4.99. I would say Foodpanda is still a better choice than Honeybee just because the minimum rate to order on the latter is more than Foodpanda.



4. Grab food

I would say that this is the best of all because the choice of vendors are various and the delivery is super fast. I have ordered during hectic hours and the delivery time is mentioned at between an hour to 1 1/2 hours but they have always delivered much faster than that. As for the payment, it’s super easy as well. All I have to do is set up Grabpay once and that’s it.
Currently, I have been only ordering from Grab food simply because of its convenience and guaranteed on time delivery service.  By the way, if you are a new user, you might be given some coupons by the apps, so do look out for them before you start ordering.

Do you order food delivery service? Which one is your favourite?

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