Work Smart: How to Finish What You Started Successfully

There are millions of people across the globe who have the habit of starting a project or habit but terminates it before completing them. If you are someone who usually starts off projects with enthusiasm but do not finish them, and would like to change that, then you will find this article helpful.

As we all know to achieve or finish anything successfully requires proper planning, loads of courage, dedication, and hardwork. Every project or good work comes with new challenges and struggles, which need to be tackled skillfully. You may give yourself basketful of reasons to quit but if you are reading this, then you are probably tired of this habit and for once would like to finish what you have started succesfully.

Below, you can find 7 crucial steps on how to finish what you started successfully.

1. Choose your projects or tasks mindfully

One of the common reasons people failed to finish what they started is because there is no passion towards the project or tasks. Consequences to that is abandoning the project and never looking back.

Thus, the first and most important thing that you need to consider while embarking into a new fresh project is to select mindfully. The particular project or business or any ventures should be something that you are passionate about and you want to accomplish.

Put in some thoughts on why are doing the project, does it align with your goal, is it important? Answer some crucial questions before choosing the project.

2. Outlining the project or task is a must to finish what you have started

Outlining and planning the execution of the project or task is a must because you know exactly what needs to be done, what source of resources needed to execute the project, how long it takes and so on. If you skip the outlining part, you will be wasting resources, your time and effort.

Eventually, you will loose interest to continue the project because you realised that you have to go back and forth in the project due to poor planning.

Start your Outline with the common formula 5W 1H which stands for ‘5 Wifes and 1 Husband’. Kidding!!

Where, What, Who, Which, When and How


After answering the 5W and 1H, you will be able to plan your project successfully.

3. Implement smart and easy methods

No one likes to do a hard task or project. It will be hard if no proper research is done in the beginning of the project. Make sure to research on the project or task first before starting to find out the best way to complete the project.

You might even finish the task sooner than you think because step by step process has already been laid out there in the internet.

4. Commit yourself

Write down your commitment to this project in your journal or planner. Dedicate or block your time for this project. Since you have already created an outline and planned the project, it is easier to slot in the time for the project or task.

I would also suggest a step further by writing down your thoughts and feelings about the projects or tasks. This is one of the best way to overcome any kind of negative feeling and also to understand better on the reasons why you are doing the project in the first place.

Keep track of your project : Helpful tip to finish what you have started

5. Keep track of your progress

Keeping track of your progress encourages you to move on to the next phase in your project. It is one of the most ideal way to know that you are progressing and boost your motivation to see the end results.

Tracking your progress also will let you know whether or not you are within the timeline or any necessary changes need to be done to ensure you are enroute to the completion of the project.

6. Avoid perfectionism mentality

Most of the time we get discouraged and delay performing our work because we lean towards perfectionism a lot. While it is always good to expect the best outcome but indulging overly on being perfect will dissapoint you and exhaust you which could lead you not finishing what you have started and abandoning it for good.

Setting a deadline for your projects or tasks is a great way to put a stop to this.

7. Be kind to yourself

Remember to never be hard on yourself. At times a particular project might take forever and seems to take a long progress. You might become stressed and discouraged because of a few shortcomings and the endless amounts of effort and work you will need to succeed.

If you are going through this phase, then take a break. Incorporate some time off but don’t let your self divert away from the project. Look at your progress (that’s why keeping track of your progress is important to see the journey and effort that you have put in) and commend yourself for the good work.

You can also incorporate a reward at the end of the journey, to give you the necessary boost to finish what you have started.

Final Thoughts

There are in some occassions, you would realise half way that you have picked the wrong project. It is okay to stop instead of forcing yourself to complete it. With that being said, I did list choosing your tasks mindfully as Number 1 for a reason.

So, to avoid you sliding down the spiral of not completing what you have started in the first place, Make Sure that you complete the first step carefully before continuing with next steps. Good luck!

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