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Hello, my name is Vinn. I am a blogger from Malaysia. I picked Hitchandhitched because it was an idea from my sister in law. I thought the name was catchy and if I disect the meaning, I would say when I was single, life was simple – not much interruption because I can plan and things can run as planned. Even, my life goal was different at that time. However, the moment I am Hitched (aka married), what ever plans and goals I have set before is having hitch (hiccups) because you have other things that involves your other half and family (it’s not a bad thing though, it’s just that my happiness has lead my path to a different route). Now, the goal I am after is completely different than what I wanted back then. My priority has changed. Hence, I thought this would be a great name for my blog too. Hahaha… Well, this little explanation is to those who wondered why did I ever choose this name for my blog.

Now, let’s get on to real reason why I created this blog…

Ever since I was young, I love to have a planner / diary with me because I like making to do list and have the satisfaction of ticking the circles once the task is completed. I didn’t know then that I love to be organized and plan everything. While I am organized but I am also a big time procrastinator. What a bad combination right? Due to this, I can’t take control of my day and end up being frustrated and annoyed which is quite detrimental to my mental health. Trust me, I have broken down a couple of times just because I have wasted time and felt like I’m a failure.

I am a mom, wife, daughter, daugther in law while having a successful career and also running a small businnes on the side. With so many roles in my part, I have to be productive and can’t afford to lose seconds. So, I started to look out on possible ways to being productive and I realised that there are so much that I don’t know. Making to do list is not the only way to be productive, but there are other things that I have to look at too. That is when I decided to document my findings and created this blog. I want others who are in same predicament as I am, to come along in my journey discovering about productivity. I want my blog to help others to take control of their day and lead them to success or any goals that they had planned.

Occasionaly, I may post about managing finance because I have been able to increase our savings from 0 to more than 40k within a year after my husband and I have taken serious vow on taking control of our finance. Other than that, I do share a glimpse about my life & adventure to ensure that my readers will get to see personal side of me outside the blogging world.

Need anything, email me at hitchandhitched@gmail.com

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