4 Tips to spend time productively during quarantine

Almost the whole world are in quarantine due to pandemic. I on the other hand went to work because my full time job considered as essential, so did not enjoy the quarantine so much. In fact, I am busier than before because I have to spend more time teaching my daughter as she has to complete her online school homework and since all my family members are home too, this means more house chores to do as well. I do envy those who get to spend time at home and work from home. Some of my friends complained that they’re bored because they just don’t know what to do. I was like, are you kidding me… are you telling me that you don’t have one single thing to think about on how you can fulfill your free time. For me Free time is like a rare jewel that I will cherish dearly when I have it.

So, you might ask me, since you cherish it so much… tell me what would you do if you were in quarantine. Well, if it was me, this is how I will spend my quarantine :

1. Read books

I love books that enhance my knowledge, especially on productivity or self help books because I interpret myself and the world positively which rises my vibration and keeps my spirit uplifted all the time on making things better. During this quarantine time, this is the best source to get daily dose of positivity to keep yourself occupied and inspired so that once the quarantine ends, you are ready to dash for success. I know there are not many who likes reading. But to force yourself, I would set a target, 10 pages for instance. Sometimes, you would go more than 10 pages because as the book gets interesting and you might not want to put it down.

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2. Learn new skill

What is that one skill that you have always thought of learning but never had the chance to learn due to lack of time? I have many… I would love to learn how to get better lighting, how to write better, how to draw better and the list goes on. I’m sure you have a few things that you really want to learn. With the current technology, you are able to attend class at the comfort of your own home, as long as you have an internet connection. If you are reading this, I’m sure you have internet connection. Skill share offers 2 months of free access to their site and you will definitely find something that you like. Currently, I’m taking the editing process using Lumafusion class. Other classes available out there are Udemi and of course there’s Youtube the free platform of learning anything that you want.

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3. Decluttering

This is my favourite actually. And I managed to squeeze in some time to start decluttering at home. I have minimized the number of items in my house and it looked neat. The best part is I also found things that I don’t need and sold the items online which led me to have some extra cash to paint my studio room. Personally, I think everyone who doesn’t enjoy reading or don’t have the mood to learn new skills should start with decluttering because the thought of you discovering something that’s worth selling and get some extra money would definitely motivate you to declutter 😛

I painted the room blue and I’m loving this new colour

4. Fitness / Health

Okay, I have seen so many of us, give tonnes of reason to not being fit and taking care of our health. One of the reason is no time. So, now being stuck at home, it’s about time that you take a serious look into your fitness level and start developing a routine / habit that will be beneficial to you even after the quarantine period is over. You don’t need any fancy equipment to do it, there are plenty Instrgrammers out there who shows various exercise that focuses on specific part of our body. If you are beginner, maybe you can start with 3 days of exercise in a week with full body workout. If you want to do everyday, with 2 days of rest, then alternate your days, with upper body and lower body exercise. It’s up to you. I mean you have loads of time to try it out and find which one suits you the best.

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So, I have pretty much give you some ideas on what could be done during quarantine. I have already started on these 4 and I hope you do too. Let me know, how it turned out for you? Did you encounter any obstacle when trying to do one of these activity suggested?

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4 tips to spend time productively during quarantine

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