7 Benefits of Personal Blogging : Start one in 2021

Are you contemplating whether or not to start a personal blog? Maybe you are skeptical. You believe that personal blogging is a complete waste of time and does not benefit you.

Blogging is hard as it requires some serious efforts and patience. And it’s even harder when you when it takes such a long time to bring some monetary gain to you. Since, it is so hard, you might not even consider to blog.

In this article, I am here to share 7 main benefits of starting a personal blog and why you should start one in 2021.

1. Share you passion through your personal blog

A blog can be a place where you share your passion. No one knows you, so no one is going to judge you. You might be afraid that people are going to judge you because of your weird passion. However, through your blog you might find people who actually appreciate your passion and want to know more about it.

For an example, as an adult, I thought it’s weird to be crazy for stationaries, pretty and cute notebooks, planners and stuff. It is through blogs written by so many others that I realise that I’m not alone in this world and people who are a lot older than me are crazy over stationaries and fancy planners just like me.

2. Increase your network

People who find you through your blog will approach you and share their thoughts and passion that are similar to yours. This will increase your network. Expanding your network can be great when you decided to start a business one day.

Since, you have an existing pool of clients in your list from your blog, all you need to do is spread the word and your business is set to sail.

3. Improve your writing skills

This one is specifically for someone who loves writing. I came from non-English speaking background. I didn’t even know how to write proper essay for my English lesson and I didn’t know how to hold a proper conversation in English as well. My desire was to improve what I was bad at.

Writing is the only way for me to improve my English and I realise that blogging gives me exactly that. Your desire might be to write a book or become a script writer, then blogging can be your practice ground. Who knows, someone important will end up reading your blog and some unexpected offer may fall into your lap. You may never know, right?

4. Earn Additional Income through Blogging

I believe this is the best benefit of personal blogging and there are many successful bloggers out there who support their life with blog income. Blog Income did not come first in the list because you should never start something with the intention of making money only. Blogging is sustainable when there’s passion.

Blogging is not an easy journey as it requires loads of hard work and patience. But, if you do it consistently, you can earn pretty decent income to support you, maybe not a millionaire but enough to run your life in your own term.

5. Market your skills

Oh yes! If you have skills that you would like to flaunt, then blogging should be your ground. Blogs are not only available for those who’s looking for the best brownies recipe (I found it through blog ­čśé) but for those who wants to know how to build their website from scratch, learn cursive writing, how to be productive and the list goes on. In short, you can pretty much find anything on the internet. So, by marketing your skills through blog, you are showing your skills without even meeting the potential client. They will look at your portfolio through your blog and they know whether or not your style fits them. If they like it, boom!! You got yourself a business.

6. Sell your product or service

Blogging works awesome when you want to sell product or service. You can’t explain what your products or services are all about through advertisement because you don’t have enough space or time to explain about and generally people tend to skip advertisements.

On the contrary, blogging gives you a perfect ground to explain and show how your product or service will help the buyer. With proper SEO, people will find you through keywords and read on more about what you are selling and subsequently they will be interested to buy your product or service.

7. Become an expert in your niche

Authors such as James Clear and Ryder Carroll are experts in their niche. People quote them, approach them and practice what they sharing about. They have their own book, gives talks and get interviewed.

Similarly, becoming an expert in your niche might open up windows of opportunities for you.

Final Words on Starting on your own Personal Blog

Now, that I have told you about the benefits of blogging, I hope it has given you some strong reasons to start your personal blog. But you must remember that key to successful blogging is perserverance. You will not know the power of your blog in your first year. Once you past the first year, you will notice that your blog has gain some attraction (at least once a week post worth 1000 words each post is needed to see some difference) and you can think about doing something serious with all those attractions. Good luck!!

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