Coschedule Marketing Calendar Review : 3 Amazing Reasons To Get it

Have you been struggling to juggle between publishing your posts in blog and updating on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? Well, often times I publish my posts on my blog but never really update them in my social media where my readers are.

Then, I stumbled upon an article by a blogger who reviewed the Co-Schedule Marketing Calendar as a tool that helps her to synchronize her social media, blog posts and even newsletters in one. So, I decided to take a look at the Co-Schedule and I agree it does take quite a bit of tasks off from my hand. Let me explain 3 things that why I decided to get the Co-Schedule and why you should consider Co-Schedule as the tool to manage the social medias for your blog.

Three Reasons to Subscribe to CoSchedule Marketing Calendar

coshedule marketing review

CoSchedule Marketing Calendar offers synchronisation for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Prior to discovering the Co-Schedule, I have been posting in my Facebook (which is synchronized to my instagram) to update on my new blog post. But, since it’s a scheduled blog post, I often forget to schedule it in my FB.

Also, I needed to log in update on FB separately. With Co-Schedule, you can plan your blog post and schedule your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well. The best thing is you can also set the social media to post on the same article again on a different date which means you will not have an empty social media day. This will push your article to your viewers again, and increase the engagement for your article and social media.

Task Management in CoSchedule

Task management in coschedule

Currently, I have my task management done in my planners but there are posts that I have planned as far as 2 months, which I need to remember when I need to work on the planner. With Task Management in Co-Schedule, the apps remind me on the particular day that I have to work on the tasks related to the blog such as writing the blog skeleton or taking some photos for the blog post.

Ability to combine Co-Schedule with other apps via Zapier

I post my Youtube every week and I have to remember to post that in my social media. Also, I do post some of my Youtube videos as an article in my blog. With Zapier, I am able to update on my Co-Schedule automatically as a project every time my Youtube video goes live in my channel. Means I don’t have to remember and add the project in my Co-Schedule manually.

Benefits of using CoSchedule

I realised that I have a lot more time to concentrate on more important tasks such as writing articles for my blog. Previously, I have one dedicated day to concentrate on working on my social media. But right now, I am able to handle my social media all at one go.

With Zapier, the number of apps that you can combine with CoSchedule is unlimited and it really opens up your blog planning to another level and makes your life easier too.

Price of CoSchedule

The Co-Schedule is offered at $29 per month. I would say the price is reasonable especially since it will be your blog planner and don’t have to do a separate social media scheduler like tailwind or later which will add extra cost on your yearly expense for your blog .

Final Thoughts on CoSchedule Review

Overall, as a solopreneur who does not have a team, I find the CoSchedule to be really helpful in terms of planning my blog, my projects and social media. The CoSchedule also will be great when I have a team in the future. I have just started using the app for about a month now and I still have a lot more to explore.

I will definitely be updating this session as I use the CoSchedule Marketing Calendar. If you want to try the app, you can use the referral link here to check out the CoSchedule. You will get 14 days trial and you can request for extension for another 2 weeks (if you need to).

Just so you know, if you use the link I have provided, I will be receiving a discount. Thank you for supporting my blog.

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