Natural Ways To Increase Mental Focus for Better Concentration

In today’s world, with so many distractions around, focus and concentration are hard to obtain.

We live in a world where it is difficult to take care of our mental health due to improper diet, work pressure, family stress, and irregular sleeping patterns. There are lots of supplements recommendation but natural ways are the best to increase mental focus for better concentration.

7 Natural Ways to Increase Mental Focus and Better Concentration

Meditate to control your brain

Meditation not only keeps you cool, calm, and collected but it also improves the attention. It is scientifically proven that if you start your morning by focussing your breath for 10 to 20 minutes; it can calm your stres, improve your mood and memory.

It also reduces anxiety, fatigue, depression, and anger.

Make time for physical exercises

Exercise is good for mental health too. You don’t have to do a heavy work out. A short walk, jogging, and aerobic exercises are very adequate.

This is because exercise helps blood circulation; increases the supply of oxygen to your brain and increases the dopamine, the hormone which makes us feel good. It also helps the brain to be sharp and ignore distractions.

exercise for better mental health

Sleep matters the most

Most of the people in today’s world are chronically sleep-deprived. Sleep deprivation can harm cognitive functions; which reduces the concentration by 40%.  So aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

Whatever work you have, never compromise your sleep hours. Good sleep is essential for learning and memory.

Take a break and have fun

Give some rest to your body and brain away from hectic work by taking break. Spend time on activities that you love. Go out with your friends or family, dance, hike or even dating.

Researchers found that people with active social lives had the slowest rate of brain decline. Always remember that there is no age limit for having fun.

Put limits to phone

The sight of people wasting time on the constant social media feeds are common. Gadgets tend to distract us from our original task. Our energy gets drained because of the shift in our focus and concentration.

Limit your time on gadgets. Put it away when you are involved in deep work.

Workout for brains

It is also important to give exercises to your brain by breaking the routine. Start learning new skills. Memorizing game is an excellent way to exercise your mind muscles. There are apps such as Elevate which gives good workout for your brain.

Play games like Sudoku, chess, crossword puzzles, and memory games. But don’t get distracted towards it by spending all days in the games. Spend 15 minutes a day which will develop your short-term memory and problem-solving skills.

natural ways to increase focus
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Spend time in nature

Any natural environment will benefit your brain focus and concentration. Every day spend some 15 to 20 minutes by taking a short walk through the park; sitting in the garden or backyard.

Nature has the power to cleanse your brain and you can again start your work with an active mindset. Maybe you can go for a short trip and explore the natural beauty.

5 foods that increase mental focus and better concentration

You can also eat food that helps to increase your mental focus. Here are the list of foods that you can add on your grocery list.

Green tea

Green tea contains caffeine and theanine, so it helps you focus and improve your alertness. It also provides better attention and improves speed and accuracy.

Daily intake of green tea will improve the cognitive functions in older adults.


Fatty fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that improve behavioral functions and mental performance. It is also proven that fish improves your concentration and mood. Fatty fish are salmon, trout, mackerel, herring, sardines, pilchards, and kippers.

Dark chocolate

You can take dark chocolate in smaller doses; it won’t spoil your diet as it is lower in fat and sugar. It is high in magnesium and helps in releasing endorphins and serotonin which makes you feel good and heighten your mood.

It is also a source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals such as copper and potassium. It is also proven that one square of dark chocolate in the afternoon will improve your blood flow to the brain, performing better memory.

Leafy green vegetables and fruits

Leafy green vegetables are full of antioxidants and carotenoids that protect your brain and boost your brainpower. It is also full of Vitamin B and folic acid which helps the brain to focus and improves mental clarity and memory.  

Fruits that are rich in Vitamin C will boost the mental agility and reduce the decline in the brain’s cognitive abilities. Also, a mix of dried fruits and nuts also helps to increase memory.


Every single function of your body depends on the amount of water we drink. Water gives the brain electrical energy that improves all the brain functions. It also helps you to think faster, be more focused, and experience greater clarity and creativity.

You can prefer a glass of water rather than drinking a cup of coffee or energy drinks, as other drinks will dehydrate you and cause you to feel worse.

These proposed natural ways to increase your focus and concentration are easy to follow. However, the harder part is to make yourself follow it. Pick one or two to begin with, then start seeing the difference.

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