Best Paper Planner Accessories and how to use them

As a planner owner, I am always on the look out for some paper planners supplies to bring my planner system to the next level. If you have just got your first planner or perhaps a seasoned planner, the essential planner accessories ( for all sizes a5, a6, personal and etc) that I am going …

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How to plan your day in 7 easy steps to be productive

how to plan your day

Are you having trouble to plan your day? Having a long to do list? You don’t have much time to complete them? Despite being organized and planning but your to do list keep getting longer and longer. Also, you are unable to determine important tasks and end up committing to tasks that doesn’t really matter. …

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How to start a blog with no money in 2021?

start blogging with no money

You want to start a blog but you do not have money to invest on self host blog to earn some ad income. Well, the good news is you can start a blog with no money. You don’t have to pay for hosting, domain or anything that is related to blog. The bad news is …

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7 Benefits of Personal Blogging : Start one in 2021

Why you start own personal blog

Are you contemplating whether or not to start a personal blog? Maybe you are skeptical. You believe that personal blogging is a complete waste of time and does not benefit you. Blogging is hard as it requires some serious efforts and patience. And it’s even harder when you when it takes such a long time …

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How panic attack at work destroyed my mental health

I am not weak! I am the person who advice others on how to be strong. I practice positive thinking and always will be able to dig myself out from negativity quickly. Yet, I didn’t realise that I was suffering from panic at work and it was slowly destrorying my mental health.  How it Begin? Last …

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