Why you start own personal blog

7 Benefits of Personal Blogging : Start one in 2021

Are you contemplating whether or not to start a personal blog? Maybe you are skeptical. You believe that personal blogging is a complete waste of time and does not benefit you. Blogging is hard as it requires some serious efforts and patience. And it’s even harder when you when it … Read More

How panic attack at work destroyed my mental health

I am not weak! I am the person who advice others on how to be strong. I practice positive thinking and always will be able to dig myself out from negativity quickly. Yet, I didn’t realise that I was suffering from panic at work and it was slowly destrorying my … Read More

Full to do list does not mean you are productive

Top 5 Mistakes that kills your Productivity at Work!

Productivity existed since 1800 but it was largely limited to agriculture. Fast forward to now, productivity is incorporated in almost everything. Although productivity is great in obtaining the desired results but there are loads of productivity mistakes out there that can bring negative effect especially to your career. Below I … Read More