Best Paper Planner Accessories and how to use them

As a planner owner, I am always on the look out for some paper planners supplies to bring my planner system to the next level. If you have just got your first planner or perhaps a seasoned planner, the essential planner accessories ( for all sizes a5, a6, personal and etc) that I am going to share in this article, will surely help you to enjoy planning session more.

Essential Planner Accessories that you should have

Planner Covers

I believe that every planner addicts out there treat their planners as a sacred item. I do too. My Hobonichi Cousin planner does not come with a cover. So, I bought one for myself to protect my planner which I will be using everyday for a whole year. Applying a case or cover for your planner will ensure that it is durable and withstand for longer time.

There are various of choice of planner covers available in different planner size such as a5, a6 and also in different type as well (e.g: fabric, leather, zipped, clasp, string). Pick one that you like from the list below.

Planner Clips

Planner clips are not only great way to accessorise your planner but also functional. There are different type of clips available such as floral clip, magnetic clip and of course regular paper clipl. These clips are useful to set as a planner bookmark or divide the section. Here are a few beautiful clips that you can consider to purchase if you are interested.

Planner Stickers

I love stickers in my planner. We are never too old for some fun stuff in our planner. I have sticker kit, sticker book, and sticker sheets in my collection. Every stickers has its own purpose. Sometimes instead of writing in my planner, I will just stick the relevant sticker; e.g. Youtube sticker to indicate that I will be doing Youtube related stuff during that time.

Here are a few of my favorite stickers for you, if you are interested.

Sticky Notes

I use sticky notes to add on some extra notes when I don’t have enough space in my planner or if I need to move around the information in my planner. There are times, I take down information on a sticky note when I am on a call. I don’t rewrite these input in my planner but I will just stick the sticky note in my planner.

Check out these pretty sticky notes that is available in lots of color for your collection.

Washi tape

These are my favourite planner accessories. Washi tapes give life to planners. Haha… you might think I’m over exaggerating but I am telling the truth. My boring planner becomes aesthetically pleasing to view the moment I add some washi tapes in it. Amazon has amazing choice of washi tapes for you to choose from.

Favorite pens

You definitely need to use pens for your planners. I like 0.5 size pens that has smooth ink flow. I love ball pen, gel pen and even fountain pen. The downside of using a fountain pen is smudges, so you need to be careful when you use it on your planner. In addition. highlighters also add some pops of color to your planner. I use highlighters to categorise my tasks, highlight important things or calendar dates

Pencil case

You definitely need a pencil case to store your favourite planner accessories. It is also easier for you to bring the pencil case around when you decide to change venue when you plan. Depending on your planner supplies, you can choose a small, medium or large pencil case. I have several size pencil cases in my collection. When ever I commute, I carry a small pencil case but at home, I do have a bigger size to store most of my supplies.

Today, there are different options of pencil case that you can choose from. Pencil cases which can also be pen holders are among the preferred choice.

Planner Accessories are Fun

These are the fun planner accessories that I enjoy using in my planning system and it certainly has helped me to look forward for planning session every week.

I have also made a video on the planner accessories that I use for my Hobonichi Techo Cousin which I use as my work and personal planner . You can check the video out and do subscribe to my channel if you are into more planning and organization videos.

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