iPad Pro 2020 Review after 2 weeks of use

After thinking whether or not to buy the latest iPad Pro, finally I just decided to indulge in one and I’m so glad I did. My first impression when I first unbox this, was how sexy is this device… I just love the slim look of it. I own the iPad 10.2 with Logitech Keyboard and the First gen Apple Pencil which I was using in the office. Although the 10.2 iPad is still considered new, I decided to go ahead and purchase the Latest iPad Pro because I wanted the Apple Pencil 2 which I have read that it gives good writing experience. For those who don’t know, Apple pencil 2 is not compatible with the iPad Pro.

Speaking about writing experience, I find that the Apple Pencil 2 with the iPad Pro gives more of a paper pen experience, I know some of you will say no, but for me it does. Coming from an iPad 10.2 user with the first gen Apple Pencil, the difference is quite significant. The tick sound when you write on the screen of an iPad is far less on the Pro than on the 10.2 version. My handwriting on the iPad Pro is so much better than on the 10.2 probably because of the Apple Pencil Gen 2 has a different shape than the First gen. I did try writing with the First Gen Pencil, but I did not enjoy the writing experience as much as I like with the 2nd Gen. This is crucial factor for me because I attend lots of meetings in which I write down lots of meeting minutes and also notes. I enjoy writing meeting minutes now because I just love my handwriting and I get loads of compliments when I email the minutes to others.

IPad Pro 2020 with smart folio keyboard

This device paired with the smart folio keyboard definitely gives a more professional look when I walk into a meeting room. I mean, most of the attendees bring a notebook and a pen, but I bring in my slim iPad Pro. I can fold it and started taking notes immediately. And I can also unfold it and look for some information on the internet when I need some reference during the meeting. All of my meeting minutes are in one place, thanks to GoodNotes. I can refer quickly any past meeting minutes or notes easily and in less than 10 seconds. I’m very sure with a regular notebook, you would end up carrying many notebooks, if you want to reference something from the past.

I like to watch iPad while I’m running on my treadmill, with the Pro speaker, I don’t need to wear any headset because the speaker is definitely loud compared to my 10.2 which the sound is not clear due to the loud sound caused by the treadmill. The display is very pleasing to my eye and this is one of the reason why I’ve still not applied any screen protector yet. I want to install matte screen protector because the screen attracts so many finger prints and it makes my ipad look kind of dirty. I’m still contemplating whether or not I should install a screen protector because the matte one which I have installed my iPad 10.2 made the screen looked kind of blurry and I didn’t like it at all. What do you guys think?? Leave your comment below.

Priced at USD799 for lower spec model, I decided to get the 256GB Wifi Model because I wanted more storage ipad. I Needed the storage because I am planning to do video editing on this device, so I may require the extra storage in the device itself to store the raw footage of my recordings. Speaking of editing video, I did find that the iPad Pro does perform slightly better than the 10.2 when I edit my videos. . If you are thinking of getting an iPad Pro and budget is concerned, maybe you can get the iPad Pro with the 128Gb wifi version because it’s the cheapest and the 128 GB storage is sufficient unless you are in a profession which requires lots of storage. Even then, you can always get an external storage which is so much cheaper than paying extra cost for the ipad Pro with higher storage.

So, those are my thoughts on the ipad Pro. You can check out my Youtube video which I have covered pretty much what I’ve said in here. f you have any questions or doubts on this device or its accessories, just drop a comment in the box below and I will get back to you. I always do. Please click the like button, if you enjoyed watching my Youtube video and please subscribe to my channel to show your support to a small YouTuber like me as it means a lot to me.

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