Unboxing Video of iPad Pro 2020 and Smart Keyboard – best replacement for laptop

iPad Pro 2020 was made available in Malaysia and I was targeting to purchase the iPad Pro 2018 at a cheaper price actually. I did manage to get the iPad Pro 2018 512Gb cellular version at RM4399 from a seller in Lazada. Unfortunately, after waiting for 2 weeks, on the last day the device supposed to be delivered, I realised that it was still at the status of packed and ready to be delivered by LEX. Thinking that LEX was late, I was about to burst in anger with Lazada. When I contacted the seller, he notified that the device is no longer in stock and only the 2020 is available which I need to top up RM800. I was furious because it’s so irresponsible of the seller to notify me on the last day of delivery. I decided not to go through with it. Of course, the amount I’ve paid will have to wait for about a month to be released by Lazada. Anyway, lesson to be learnt is, despite seller saying that the item is packed and ready to be picked up by LEX or any delivery, it doesn’t mean that it’s ready. Best is to check immediately within 3 days what is the status of your order. I did ask the seller about the status within first week itself but he kept saying let me check, but when the seller still did not come back to me till the last day of supposed delivery date, I told the seller that he never came back to me despite approaching him numerous time.

Worst was when I saw review from another guy who ordered later than me, got his item within 4 days.

Anyway, after I cancelled my order, I decided to purchase the 256GB Wifi version of iPad 2020. I’m actually happy that I decided to go ahead with the 2020 model instead of the 2018 model. I mean it’s not much of difference in terms of performance but still getting a recent device means you don’t have to replace to a newer model anytime soon. So, before I let you know my first impression on the iPad Pro 11 2020 Model, let’s look at the unboxing video first.


My first impression on this iPad is how sexy it looks. I mean compared to other iPads, I find the thin physics is really attractive especially when I paired it with the Smart Folio Keyboard. When I carry it to my office to attend meetings, I feel good and very professional to take meeting minutes with this beauty. It’s also so practical to carry around easily as it’s definitely lighter than my iPad 10.2 which I carry with my Logitech Keyboard. My favourite is definitely that I can pair the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil 2. I am someone who wants my handwriting to be good all the time. Unfortunately, I was unable to achieve this when I was writing the Apple Pencil First Gen. I mean the writing was alright but I’m not entirely satisfied with it. Not to forget, the Apple Pencil First Gen tends to get slippery when my meeting goes more than an hour probably due to my hand get sweaty. Hahaha. With the Apple Pencil 2, my writing is way better and I don’t have to put much effort at all to get a good handwriting. Currently, my only worry is that the iPad Pro is naked. Usually I have case for it but because I’m using the Smart Folio Keyboard with it, finding the suitable case is going to be hard. I don’t want to add bulk to my iPad Pro too coz I just love the slim and light look of it. If you have any recommendation, do let me know at the comment box below. If you like this article and interested to know more on how I am using the iPad Pro in my daily life especially at work, do subscribe my channel Hitch Hitched, so that you will be notified when ever I upload a new video.

Ipad Pro 11 inch 2020 with smart keyboard folio & Apple Pencil 2 in a carrot case

Anyway, if you are interested to purchase the iPad Pro 2020, check out the Apple Website. The starting price is RM3,499 for the 128GB Wifi Model. This price is pretty awesome for a 128Gb storage. If you are student, you can also use the Apple Education Store page to purchase the device at a discounted price. Let me know, which one are you planning to get. By the way, my next posts are going to be mainly about the iPad Pro and how I’m using it, so click the subscribe button if you would like to be notified about my posts.

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