What’s in my Work Bag? – Fossil Sydney Convertible Backpack

I just recently got myself a Fossil Sydney Convertible Backpack as my work bag. I bought this because it is convertible into three styles – as a tote, sling bag and backpack. Plus, it fits my ipad 10.2 perfectly in there but you have to put in vertically not horizontally. The zip is a bit tight when ever I try to zip it with all my stuff in, but it can still zip. Not sure, whether it’s going to reduce the longevity of the zip but for now, it works great.

So, the things that I carry in my bag is my iPad 10.2 or also known as iPad 7. I bought the case from Etsy shop – HelloJournalShop. Although I love the case but I’m not sure whether I should recommend it coz the seller did not inform me that the case was out of stock and I had to email her and ask about it when it failed to be shipped within the time frame. I’ve also paid for express shipping but there was nothing express about it as I got it like a regular shipping anyway. So, I leave it to you whether you want to go ahead and purchase it. The quality of the product is good and I have received lots of compliments from others.

I also carry my beautiful planner from YardLeather. I have created another video on review of the planner cum wallet, so if you are interested you can check out the video here. Anyway, other things that I carry in my bags are my personal and work phone, my cute Smartfit pencil case which I just adore due to its size and compact. Let’s stop reading and just check out the video shall we?? Before that, do subscribe to my channel if you would like to show support to a small youtuber like me. Thank you…