5 Tips to Create Successful New Year Goals that you will follow through

The new year has just begin, what is your goal for 2020? If you haven’t started any new year goals because you are just tired of creating one and not achieving it, I’m going to share with you 5 tips to ensure that you follow through your new year resolutions or goals.

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Write down your goals.
Yes, you saw that right. Write your goals in your planner, journal, diary or phone. You need something permanent because when you write down your goals in a piece of paper, you will lose it and you might not even remember what was the goal / resolutions in the next few days or weeks. Some even just declare their goals for the year verbally and the next day, they will forget all about it. So, you need to WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS. Before writing it, think about your goals carefully.

A good goal must be expressed positively, contains desired end results and due date to achieve it.

For example
I will not go to bed late from in the year 2020. This is a poor goal because it is not set in the positive tone. You can set it in a positive mood following the three (3) criteria I mentioned earlier

I go to bed early at 9.30pm to wake up energized the next day. It’s set on positive note, desired end result is going to bed early and due is set to 9.30pm.

My personal goal for the year 2020 is
• e.g My Youtube Channel is monetized by 30 June 2020. It’s expressed positively, end results and the due date is also mentioned. Short and precise.

Create your Plan of Action.
After setting up your goal, you need to create plan of action. This is crucial step because it will ensure that your big goal is broke into smaller goal and you will not feel overwhelmed by the big goal picture which needs lots of steps to achieve it. So, by looking at the smaller goal, you will only focus on the mini goal that you have set to achieve within the time frame that you have setup.
• Let’s use the same example that I’ve shared in the earlier point
In order to monetize my channel : –
I need to achieve 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of video watched which means I need to create more videos.
Let’s break our goals down to understand it better. June 2020 is about 7 months away, so I have to achieve about 142 subscribers a month. That’s not bad, this means about 50 subscribers a week. Now, 1000 doesn’t look like a big number at all. I can set up my monthly target in my book/ journal or anything for me to monitor every month on my progress.
I can create a video per week to gain subscribers. So, my mini goal will be ‘Create 1 video per week’ or 4 Videos per week. It still look like a big task. So, this mini goals need to have its own set of mini goals. For example : To create 1 video per week, I need to do these:
• Content Ideas
• Shoot the video
• Scripting
• Edit Video and so on
• These mini goals that I have to setup can go into my quarterly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals. So, now my attention is focused much better than the BIG MAIN GOAL that I have setup for yourself.
• See, what I have done here, I have created many mini goals with its own set of target, so now I can put my focus on specific task. Similarly, as you break down, your BIG GOALs are no longer overwhleming and you will be able to tick off each mini goals as you complete it.

I know that’s a lot of things I have shared there, I have created a PDF format in which I have summarised all these information in it. If you are interested please click the link HERE.

Review periodically
Next, our goals need to reviewed monthly. Set the date in calendar as an appointment the days you suppose to review. Make sure you are not setting any other appointments because you need to ensure that you follow through your goals.
REMEMBER : Don’t be too rigid with the goals… if you realise that it’s too difficult for you to follow, change it to somewhat that you can achieve it.
• eg : you want to do intermittent fasting. Don’t jump straight into regular 16 – 8 intermittent fasting but start with 12 hours of fasting period first and gradually increase it. OR

Find out your WHY?
Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to create a business? You need to find out the STRONG WHY are you doing it in the first place… Write down this WHY in a book / phone or somewhere that you will be able to refer the moment you start doubting about your goals. When you are in doubt, read your WHY… because when you read back what you have written, you will gain back your momentum, the desire that you had on the first day when you wrote those goals. It will give you the necessary push to achieve your goals and regain your enthusiasm.

Embrace failure
Every successful person knows that FAIL means First Attempt in Learning… They never give up. When they fail, they get back up and start again… Unfortunately, there are some of us who tend to give up the moment we fail on our goals. It’s okay to fail today, start again the next day. Make sure that you forgive yourself and start again.

I hope that the 5 tips I have shared with you is helpful for you to list down your goals for the year 2020. It has helped me to understand my goals better and doesn’t look overwhelming anymore because I know that my goals are achievable. Good luck!!!

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