25 Great Goal Ideas to create a better you in 2021

Struggling to find a goal for the year 2021? Check out these 25 goal ideas that can transform your life to develop a better version of yourself for the year 2021.

Read one book per month

This is a good habit to increase your knowledge and expand your views on various topics. Amazon Kindle gives you various choice of books with a monthly subscription. If you don’t have much time to read, then I suggest Audible which gives you an opportunity to listen to the books while on the go. My commute to work every day is about an hour. I use this opportunity to listen to the Audible. This is a very good multitasking. 

Wake up 5 am in the morning

Depending on when you usually get up, waking up early gives you extra hours to spend your day. If you always find yourself not having enough time, then getting up earlier than usual will give you extra hours to kill to complete your tasks. 

Declutter one room per month

Instead of spring cleaning once a year, why don’t declutter one section or room per month. This way, you don’t have to feel overwhelm at the end of the year. 

Create a night routine habit

Winding down your busy day with a night routine sends signal to your body that you are about to go to bed. There are many night routines that you can start withm such as meditation, reading, putting away your gadgets and so on. 

Workout for 15 minutes everyday

Many people has a misconception that you need to workout about an hour or so to get some good results. This often discourage them to start working out in the first place. Start with 15 minutes workout everyday. You will see results. Remember, doing workout is more important than deciding how long you should do workout.

Goal ideas for the year 2021
Set Working out as your New Year Goal

Create a meal plan

Determined meal plan for the week helps you to function on auto pilot and more efficient. You will reduce decision fatique, lesser eating out and planned grocery shopping for the week or month. This is also a great goal idea to plan healthy meal.

Budget your income every month

Budgeting helps you to know where your money goes and gives you sense of security when you have emergency fund, sinking fund or savings in your account. You don’t have to worry when some unforseen circumstances erupt which require cash immediately. Unfortunately, research indicates that people who prepare a detailed household financial budget are in the minority in the U.S. So, start budgeting. Check out The Budget Mom to take your first step.

Learn a new hobby

All work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. You need to have play session in your life to make it more interesting. Learning something new ignites your brain and excites you too. Pick a hobby that you have passion for like gardening, golf or painting. You don’t have to be a good at it but it surely can be therapeutic when you start.

Meditate 5 minutes every night before sleeping

This is a good habit to help wind down your body. All you need to do is sit up straight with legs crossed and focus on breathing for 5 minutes with no thoughts. If you are unsure on how to do it, there are plenty of resources on Youtube that can help you to meditate. 

Listen to motivational speech everyday on the way to work

Beginning your day with the motivational speech gives you good energy and spirit to start your work. Do this everyday and see the difference at work and in your life too. My personal favourite is Abraham Hicks Morning Rampage. 

Go to bed by 10am everyday

Going to bed early gives your body a good rest to start your next day fresh. It can be difficult, so help your body to know that it’s time to go to bed, have a night routine, 30 minutes before bed. Please ensure that winding down process does not involve gadgets as it brings negative energy and results in restless sleep.

Set your bed time early as your new year resolution

Set a date night every month with your partner or spouse

Once having a family, many couples forget to spend time with each other without their children. Stop having a date night on special occasion only. Arranging date night on regular days help to ignite your relationship to a different level as it will focus on both of you and you can talk more about your future together. 

Spend 15 minutes everyday to talk to your children with no interruption

Quality time in talking to your children will give you different perspective on your children’s thought process and helps you to understand them more. This understanding goes in both ways. The children will feel much closer to you and they know that you will always be there for them. 

Set social media free day per week

Almost everyone are addicted to one or more type of social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok. In fact, common scenario in function these days is people are in corners with their head stuck on their phone, checking out their social media. Don’t be a slave to social media. Set a free day from social media and go out to enjoy the sunny day, cycling, running or just walking in the park to enjoy the nature. 

Start writing a journal

You don’t have to write a 2 page essay. A line what you felt that day is more than enough. When you flip the pages from your past, you will know how far you have evolved and give you great sense of achievement.

Start a gratitude journal

Writing down things that you are grateful for increases your positive vibration. The vibration increases even more when you read back what you have been grateful for. A gratitude journal also helps you to appreciate things around you and lead a better life. 

Reduce TV time

You would not believe how much time you could save by reducing your TV time. You can focus on personal development to enhance yourself.

Join local club that interests you

You will make new friends, have a new hobby or even enhancing your skills by joining local club. If you like talking, join the toastmasters club, enjoy playing chess but don’t have good opponents then join the chess club. Start checking out what club is in your area.

Schedule a quiet time

Back in those days, the only interruption could be in the form of telephone or guests coming to our house. Unfortunately, in today’s world, we are interrupted with messages, emails, tiktok, instagram and so many other things. Scheduling a quiet time for about 15 minutes or 30 minutes away from these, will help you to understand yourself and get a clearer vision of your future. 

Save $5 per week

It’s not much but if you have trouble saving, putting away $5 a week will give you $260 in a year. That’s better than nothing. Setting a single amount aside without putting much thought and effort will help you to give enough encouragement to increase your savings in future.

Connect with old friends

Facebook and Instagram are readily available for us to be updated with our old friends. Take a step forward, by going out for a drink and catch up in person with an old friend, share some memories together. Browsing on Facebook or instagram is nothing like to talk to each other in person. Pick up the phone and call an old friend that you haven’t connected a while. 

Create a vision board

If you want to know how your future is going to be, then start a vision board. Look on all areas of life, family, relationship, finance, career, spirituality. Decide what you hope these areas would be in 5 years. Do not limit your dream, just put what ever is that you want it to be. Display it where you can see everyday and feel the encouragement to succeed. No inspiration? No worries, check out pinterest for inspiration from others. 

Set 15 minutes everyday to plan your day

Planning 15 minutes a day, keeps chaos away. Knowing what to do every day, keeps your organized and spending time more cautiously. Start by having a planner and write down things that you need to do and plan accordingly. You will see how swiftly you move because you already know what to do.

Plan your day for better you as next year goal
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Stop Snoozing your Alarm

This is the biggest pet peeve for many. It is a habit that hard to get rid of. However, the only thing to stop snoozing alarm is having a determination to wake up as soon as the alarm rings. Easy to say but hard to do. Putting it in the bathroom or somewhere that is far from the bed, will force you to walk to shut the alarm and hopefully awake. Another tip is to have a bottle of water spray next to the bed. Alarm rings and spray water on your face to help you to be awake. 

Get a plant

My mood changed when I start having a plant in my home office. It lifts up my mood and I love looking at the luscious green everytime I’m tired looking at the screen for a long time. If you think that it’s very difficult to take care of plant, start with moneyplant as it is the easiest to care for. 

You don’t have to do all 25 in a year because it is a lot. Pick 3 to 5 goal ideas that you are most interested. Track it daily, weekly or monthly to see your progress. If you stumble, no worries, just get up an start again. Good luck!!

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