Hobonichi Weeks Planner Wallet from Yard & The Leathersmith

This is my marron planner wallet specially made for my Hobonichi weeks and ordered from YardLeather. He makes such wonderful planners and his workmanship is impeccable. I think I have probably ordered quite a lot of leather products from him.

I have engraved my name on it, you know just in case someone took it, so I know for sure it’s mine. I have covered that part to protect my privacy. The wallet has a few compartments. It has 4 slots (regretting not taking 5), there’s space for me to put my bills, another compartment on the inside which I usually my shopping vouchers, receipts or anything important that I need to have it with me constantly.

Since I have lots of cards, I’ve ordered a separate midori regular size card holders for those additional cards. This wallet comes with a string in the middle which I have inserted the card holders and also my weeks. I can always slot in my weeks in the compartment on the right side, but the adjustable clasps gets in the way which doesn’t allow me to slot the weeks completely in. So, I use that compartment for more vouchers / receipts and sometimes extra cash there too.

The feature that I love the most is the adjustable clasps because I tend to stuff lot of things in my wallet and the clasp still be able to close no matter how thick the wallet gets. The wallet size is small enough to put in my small handbag and I always put my wallet facing upside, so that I can just unclasp the button and access my bills directly without even bothering to take it out from my handbag. If you are interested in getting the Leather Wallet from Yard & The Leathersmith, you can do so via his INSTAGRAM channel (Click Here).

I realised that the Hobonichi Weeks is the perfect size for me because it’s big enough for me to write down most of my stuff and small enough to carry it around. The wallet from Yard & The Leathersmith combined with my Hobonichi Weeks makes it even more perfect as the planner on the go. Now, I have my notes everywhere I take it and I jot down so many to dos, ideas and brain dumps in it.

Hobonichi Weeks Setup

So, the month section I use to capture my appointments, Black ink for work stuff, blue ink personal stuff and anything red will be something important that I want to remember like the days I get sick or my personal leave. On the left side, I write things that I need to do that month, more of a future task that I want to remember, like car maintenance, service appointments or dental appointments that I make very very early just so that I secure a spot and I don’t have to think about it later. I also track the school holidays in this calender by highlighting the dates.

Hobonichi Weeks Monthly Calendar View

On the weeks layout, the left page, I write important tasks for that day and also any important personal appointments. I don’t track my work appointments here because I usually have it on my phone calendar. This is mainly for my personal stuff. The work stuff that I write on monthly calendar is because when I set up my personal appointment, I need to ensure that it doesn’t collide with my work appointments. The right page with the grid, I used it to write down all my tasks that I need to complete on that week. Sometimes, I track my expenses, because I don’t carry my budget book with me around, so that I can remember I will write them all in here for me to transfer it later at home in to the budget book. Sometimes, I write down goals that I need to focus on that week.

Hobonichi Weeks Weekly Layout

In Hobonichi they have about 70 pages of grid pages which I use to record some important information such as account number which I use regularly. My monthly tasks or ideas for my blog, youtube which I usually write it down while I’m having my lunch at work. I don’t really like to jot it down on separate sheet of papers because I will alwayse lose it. Writing it in the weeks makes it easier for me to check it out later when ever I’m ready to use those information.

Planner Decoration

I don’t do massive deco with my weeks, as I don’t really have much time to spend on it these days, so I’m making minimal decoration just to make it asthetically pleasing for me… At the end ofthe page, I have a section where I test out pens that I buy because I need to know which pen is the best for the tomoe river paper.

I use the coleto pen with 4 colours. I realise that I love this pen it’s the easiest to have many colours in a pen since I do have a colour coding in my wallet and I also love that the ink is very clear and vibrant on the weeks. The free pen that comes with the weeks, is not bright enough for me and I prefer to use a gel pen than the ball pen due to this.

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