Fitness Level Update

An update following my previous post, after my first day of workout, I had trouble walking the next day 🙂 I started with lower body exercise which means it covers almost all major muscles in my lower body. Since I didn’t work out for such a long time, the pain caused by histamine all over my legs especially my inner thigh was immense. I couldn’t walk for almost 3 days but I felt the difference. Maybe it’s just me but I felt healthy and I loved it.

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For now, I am starting with the intention to work out twice a week. Yup, you don’t have to start big but you can start small to cultivate the habit first. Then, gradually you can increase as you feel more comfortable and you want to do more. I will post more on what sort of work out that I do on my next post.

If you want to join me, follow me on my instagram hitchandhitched to see my progress and update.

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