My fitness Goal

After such a long time, I started my workout again. At the beginning of this year, one of my goal was to lead a healthy lifestyle and working out regularly was a part of it. I was doing it diligently for the first couple of months but due to my constant headache and migraine, I had to seek a chiropractor. As I was undergoing the treatment, I realised that I couldn’t do my exercise session regularly because I want to be cured fast, so I don’t want to prolong my treatment with unwanted injury on my bones or muscles. Hahaha… actually it wouldn’t but perhaps its just my reason to avoid doing exercise. I had to wake up early in the morning at 5 to do my workout. With this reason, I don’t have to wake up early anymore 🙂

Anyway, my migraine and headache is long gone now thanks to the chiropractor. However, my habit to exercise regularly is so difficult to pick up like I used to though. I don’t want to give up, so, I am just going to keep trying and I know I will be back on track. Since working out is difficult for me, I did find for an alternative way to practice healthy lifestyle. I started intermittent fasting and till now this is one habit which keeps my on the correct track towards my goal. Of course, just intermittent fasting is not good enough, I must combine it with some workout to maximise the benefit towards healthy body. Hence the reason, why I am trying to start back my workout.

If you are finding it difficult just like me, remember don’t give up no matter what. Start now, track your achievement, find an alternative way to stick to your goal.

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