iPad Pro 2020 announced on Apple’s website

I’ve been waiting to replace my iMac but no announcement was made for the new iMac yet. However, the new iPad Pro 2020 looks quite bad ass. The 11 inch size is pretty decent size and I’m kind of itchy to get one. I already have an iPad 10.2 inch, so I really can’t justify what I would do with the 11 inch iPad Pro. Anyway, here’s a very unique advertisement introducing the new iPad Pro 2020 by Apple,

If you are wondering about the pricing. It’s pretty much the standard pricing but at least you are getting 128Gb for the beginning range.

iPad Pro 11 inch price range in Malaysia

Check out the Malaysian Apple website for other new Apple products that have been introduced. I tried ordering them but I couldn’t place an order. Probably the stock haven’t arrived here yet. Estimated delivery order was not displayd as well. When I checked on the US website, it’s available for shipping from 25 March onwards. What do you think about the new iPad Pro? Are you planning to get one??

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