Movement Control Order due to Coronavirus Pandemic – Managing Work and Life at Home

It’s been more than a month since the Movement Control Order (MCO) announced in Malaysia. For most of us, you have to work from home. You may have thought it’s a wonderful thing to work from home.

Wrong!!! It’s tougher to work from home.

Are you asking why?? Well, at home you have many distractions. Remember, the whole country is on MCO which means kids are at home too. Some schools were conducting online classes, so you have to teach your kids and do work as well. On top of that, you have to cook coz everyone at home got to eat right. The one months stock of groceries you bought, may have finished within 2 weeks coz you are no longer eating out now and you have to cook everyday.

As for me, I had to go to office coz I work in the industry where my attendance to office is necessary. Luckily, I have my in laws and husband at home to be with our kid. But, I still have to come home, cook, clean the kitchen, clean the house, fold the clothes, iron the clothes and the list goes on. I have to sit down with my kid and do her homework together because the school wanted to conduct online class. On top of that the school wanted the homework to be submitted before midnight on the same day. So, I have to guide my daughter on how to complete her class, which means after school, I’m also a teacher, cook and cleaner.

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It was taking a big toll on me. I felt really tired and I don’t even have time for myself. That’s the most frustrating part. No wonder there are many news out there claimed that mental break down among people will increase. I totally agree with this one because all I want to do is stay at home and concentrate on managing my home and family. Not juggling between my office and home, which is the hardest part to do. I am mentally tired when I see upstairs are messy, the bathrooms are not washed, the kitchen being very sticky. Well, some may say that we need to share the house chores but guess what,it’s kind of tiring when you keep on nagging to do this and that. Sometimes, you would think that it’s a place where we live. Don’t you think that it’s every occupant’s responsibility to manage the cleanliness of the house. Why do you need to tell what to do?? Don’t you see that it’s messy??

Sharing house chores with family members will increase family bonding and decrease stress in the family

However, I realised that when others sees you managing it, OTHERS tend to see that you are capable of handling it, so they thought you don’t need help. If you are in a household in which you find that you do most of the work, please don’t do it. Delegate the job. Otherwise, you will end up blowing up out of frustration. Luckily, I have a very understanding husband and mother in law. After I vent out my frustration to my husband, he does cooking and shares some of the cleaning job and also tries to finish up my daughter’s school work before I come home. Now, I’m more relaxed and not drained emotionally.

I would like to share a little conversation with my husband that I had a few days back. My husband’s office allows him to work from home and he told me that managing his work and handling my daughter’s school work at the same time is tough. My answer was, ‘ Now, you know why I’m tense all the time and how much these things was taking toll on me’. It helps to make others understand when we delegate the job to them. I know many women out there tend to think that it’s their job to manage the family. But you know what, to ensure that the family is taken care of, it’s each and every one’s responsibility, that’s why it’s called family. Because they’re in it together. K

I have also realised that we should stop thinking that everything needs to be perfect or things need to be done immediately. We should schedule our chores but don’t over commit ourselves. If you are tired, just say so and take rest.

If you are spouse, who are in the same predicament, I highly suggest that you take things at a time. Don’t force yourself doing everything. Maybe highlight 3 things that you need to do on that day. Delegate your tasks. Everyone can commit to tasks unless the person is bedridden. By sharing the tasks, you are not only encouraging movement around the house which is equal to exercise, but also a great family activity together.

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