Moms : Not all superheroes wear capes

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This caption is so true as to what every mom does to ensure that their household is managed. Not only that, we carry numerous roles such as mom, cook, maid, entrepreneur, career women and many other roles. This is no exception to me as well. Today, I decided to write after a long period because it’s about time I start doing something for myself… something I love which is writing and sharing to the world on what I really love to do.

I have just changed my job a couple of weeks ago and this week my daughter has fallen sick. Being new and digesting all the new information in my new job is tough. I have to take leave to attend to my daughter who’s been diagnosed with Influenza B (quarantine needed) and my new boss is slightly upset that I am not there physically in the office. I know that he’s upset a bit but he didn’t show it though. However, being a technology savvy, I am able to attend to every need of my staff digitally.

Thanks to Steve Job and his invention, I’m able to check, amend and signed documents using my iPad 9.7 and Apple pen. It’s hard to imagine how I may have to drive to the office just to check and sign letters and documents just because I don’t have the proper equipment to do it at home. Luckily, the iPad is more affordable right now and I bought mine second hand from Carousell. Yup, you don’t have to buy everything new. There are people who sell their old stuff just to upgrade to a new or better version. Old is not necessarily mean it’s all bad looking or old but there are sellers who sell things which is a few months old… if you look hard enough you will be able to get good bargain.

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My husband always thought that my obsession with technology is merely something that to satisfy my thirst for an expensive gadgets :p Well, he’s wrong. What he doesn’t realise is the things that I do with this gadget is to maximise my productivity and I learn and complete many tasks with the assistance of this gadgets. I thought the new generation are tech savvy but sad to say the ones whom I’ve met only knows how to use these gadgets for social media but not to improve their productivity (correct me if I’m wrong).

Well, there’s my daughter who needs my attention now… It’s nice to be writing again and sharing my thoughts. Hope this continues regularly.

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