My Hobonichi A6 2019 Planner Setup

It has been a month since the beginning of the new year and as a planner enthusiast, I would like to share with you about my 2019 Planner Setup. The planner that I’m using this year is none other than the Hobonichi Techo A6. I have downsized my planner from A5 to A6 this year because I just want to have a single planner for my work and personal. Last year, I used to have 2 planners which is an A5 planner which I changed thrice and Hobonichi Weeks as my weekend planner but I realised that it’s kind of cumbersome to manage 2 planners and noticing that my weekly spread in Weeks are not being utilised properly,  I decided that it’s time for me to just to stick to one planner this year. So, let’s get on to my setup shall we??

First of all, let’s talk about the planner case. I have custom ordered this planner from Yard & The Leathersmith. I just love the eccentric blue soft leather. This one is called pocket planner because it has a larger pocket slot. Initially, I thought of using this as a wallet so I wanted to put in cash in the pocket slot but I decided to put my larger size stickers instead. Zack the owner of this company has put in quite a bit of thought in making a planner cover because the planner has an adjustable clasp which you can adjust whenever your planner gets thicker or thinner. Cool right??? I’ve also asked Zack to add  ‘ With brave wings she flies’ quote on the planner cover just to make it more personalised. Overall, I’m very happy with the planner cover. Check out my short walkthrough of my planner. 


I have a key legend at the front page of my planner. I just needed that in the beginning but now I realised that I don’t actually check that page anymore as I have by hearted the legend. Next page is the calendar which I use to track my activities of the year.

  • blue – school holiday
  • yellow – public holiday
  • purple – vacation
  • green – pay day
  • red – medical leave

These are the only things that I am tracking on my calendar currently but who knows it may expand in the future. I find it easier to track all of it in one page instead of monthly calendars because I don’t have to turn the pages to see all the information.

Habit Tracker 

Okay this one, I don’t track diligent enough. Although I would love to but it’s just that I keep forgetting. I realised that using too many colours to track habits is the biggest culprit for my laziness to track things. So, I tried pattern on February onwards and the results – I’m filling up the trackers because all I have to do is just use one pen and pattern each box in one go. I know some people might ask what’s the importance of tracking habits. I don’t about others but to me I need it to find out how frequently I am doing my exercises and intermittent fasting. I

Monthly Calendar

This is the summary of the monthly events. I use this to write my appointments. I know we have our phone for it but I just like to write down in my planner. I mean, let’s be honest here, how many of you have been distracted with other things in your phone each time you lift phone to type your appointments. I have been in that situation many time. Personally, I feel that writing it down in the planner works the best for me.

Goal Page

This year I have written down my goals in the planner. I have never done this before but for some reason this year, I want to be able to look at my goals every time I open my planner. I want to be reminded of these goals each time I flip the pages. Often times, we forget about our goals for that year because we don’t write them down in places where we would see frequently. You can always stick it on the vanity mirror to look at it every morning you brush your teeth but naaah… I don’t want too many reminders of my goals. Catching the glimpse of my goals list every week is good enough for me. Besides I don’t want it to be public because you may never know who else will be using your bathroom right (eg : when you have sudden guest or something).

Daily Page

This is my most important page. I write down my tasks to be completed on that day. Black is for work, blue is for personal stuff and red sometimes to track something important. By the way, I decorate the pages in my planner only after the page has been used. I don’t want to decorate before because I don’t want to block my very limited space in A6 by putting a bunch of decoration. I do need some sort of pretty deco just to make planning interesting, so I do it after. Sometimes, when I have extra time, I do decorate the pages but very minimal.

Stickers that I use




Hobonichi Dot Stickers

So, what planner do you use for the year 2019? How’s your setup?


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