Tocco Toscano – Kylie Train Case Review: What’s in my bag?

I have always seen Tocco Toscano’s advertisement in Instagram. Little did I know that it’s a brand from the neighbour country, Singapore. I’m kind of a sucker for any bag that offers organized compartment. So, when I saw this in the Tocco Toscano, I thought that this would be perfect as my bag for everything, means Bag that I can bring to office and also outings. I don’t have to change bag at all. Just sling this around my shoulder and voila I’m ready to go out. Before I go on and talk about what’s in my bag, let’s check out the unboxing video of the bag.

Now, let’s take a look what’s inside of my bag. I love this bag for 2 reasons. One is because it has loads of card space and second I can put both my phones in another zippered compartment. The best part is I can include my Hobonichi Weeks in to the main compartment as well. That’s like icing on the cake. The bag also has a pen slot. How cool is that… If you are wondering how many cards does it fit, I can say about 16 cards coz for each slots I added 2 cards. I also carry my vouchers around, coz you may never know when you decide to go to some stores., right. So, having a bigger compartment for the vouchers is definitely helpful.

Tocco Toscano Kylie Train Case – Card Slot compartment

In the second zippered compartment, I carry my Note 10 plus and my iPhone 11. As you can see this section opens wide and has thicker compartment that the earlier compartment. In the pocket slot I carry my cash with bill tracker as well because I track my budget for each category. So, you can imagine how handy that slot is. I tagged each category and when it’s time to pay, it’s so easy to open and take money from the related category. If you are wondering where I got those bil slots, you can check out DelaDean & Co.

This bag can be carried in 2 different ways, horizontally or vertically. All you need to do is just hook at the buckle provided. Personally, I prefer the horizontal way coz of easy access and I don’t have to hold the bag while taking out money. I guess it depends on you personal preference. Speaking of carrying the bag, the wide strap of this bag is awesome because it is so comfortable to carry. I have Coach and Michael Kors bags, boy the thin straps always create some marks on my shoulders and can be painful when you carry the bags for long hours. I appreciate Tocco Toscano for being thoughtful by putting the person’s comfort when carrying this bag.

I don’t carry wallet any more since this bag is also my wallet. If I do have to carry more stuff, say I’m going to office and I needed to bring my iPad as well. All I need to do is add the Kylie Train case into my bigger bag and toss in my iPad and voila I’m ready to go. This tiny bag also ensures that I don’t carry unnecessary things with me. You know the syndrome, the bigger your bag, the more things you carry and the more rubbish you have in them… hahaha. ..

I feel like that Tocco Toscano has really put some thought before coming up with this design. I mean I don’t have any complains at all. It has catered to every need of mine. So much so, I don’t really crave for any other bag after having this one. I’m even thinking of selling off my other bags which I haven’t used much since this bag came into my life. If you are thinking about getting this one, visit Tocco Toscano’s website here.

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