Bellroy Pouch : A versatile organized tech pouch

Are you tired of bringing too many bags which are specially meant for stationary, tech and daily essentials?? Well, I was…until I found Bellroy Pouch. I was on the hunt for a tech pouch that will have some sort of organisation for my tech accessories so that it doesn’t get mixed with my other non-tech stuff.

I am happy that I found Bellroy Pouch. I was deliberating for the longest time to purchase this because I felt that it was a little bit costly just to carry my essentials. However, I just decided to take the plunge because I was getting irritated with my overstuff pencil case which I was struggling to close the zip and yet not all my things go in there.

I’m glad I did though because it practically fitted my daily essentials and I can even add more if I want to. The pouch looks small but don’t let the size fool you. The Belroy Pouch is about the same size as my previous pouch but yet it fits a lot more. 

Bellroy Pouch as your tech pouch for your accessories

Bellroy Pouch review

The pouch that I got is the grey canvas because I just loved the way how it looks. It’s very well made, sturdy and my favourite is the smooth zip. It doesn’t get stuck and runs really smooth. Once you unzip the pouch it opens up wide and you can practically view what’s inside clearly.

It has 3 slots inside which you can fit any of your essentials in a more organized way. It doesn’t get mixed with the main compartment unless I filled the slots with more stuff. The larger slot has a small magnet to close it, which doesn’t serve much purpose to me because of what I have stored in there. These slots are very useful to me because I place tech stuff in one slot, misc stuff in another, the main compartment holds my pens and highlighters, and the large slot is perfect for my powerbank and microsoft arc mouse.

So, overall I really love the Bellroy Pouch because all I have to do now is just get this pouch out from my bag and voila everything is right there. Check out my Youtube Video on how I have organized my essentials neatly in the Belroy Pouch 

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