Planner : How I started planning?

When I was in my primary school, I loved being organised. I loved the idea of having a beautiful room which is neat and tidy. I also liked to have my things properly arranged and not to be disturbed by others. However, I was sharing my room with my little sister, so everything needs to be shared in that room. I hated it when my sister creates a mess even after I clean up things. 🙂 She must have hated me as a big sister… hahaha….


Anyway, my desire to be organised might have stirred the interest to plan and organize my life… Back in those days, every time my father gets diaries from companies, insurance agent and etc… I will take one and start planning. But I will only do it for a bout a week or two and I will drop it because I just simply don’t have the mood to do so. This continued until I met the ‘World of Planners’. There were so many YouTube videos where people shared about their planners comprising Filofax, Erin Condren, Kikki K and many more. It intrigued me and I started planning in the year of 2014 in which was the year I started doing my Masters Degree. I needed to plan because I need to juggle between being a housewife and pursuing my studies. My first planner was a Filofax which I got from Amazon during sales. It was during those times where Malaysian Ringgit did not suck!!!


From then onwards, I continued planning, although I no longer use the same planner, I evolved from Filofax to Erin Condren to Kikki K to Moleskine and now I’m using Hobonichi Weeks as my Planner On the Go. I’m still trying to look out for the ONE METHOD where it satisfies my planning addiction. For now, I think I have mellowed down from evolving so much as I am beginning to come close for the ‘One’ [I wonder if that ever exists for planners :)] How about you?? Do you like planning? If you are, have you found the ‘One’ planner that is meant for you 😀

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  1. I love planning and being organized in general! I even write the little things in my planner and I have actually found the ONE planning system that works for me that is simple with minimal tabs and setup. I don’t do color coding anymore, and that’s my system.
    I started planning since forever ago. Just like you, I used to use the planners my dad got from his company. I remember they were plain and boring but that’s how i picked up my planning habits and i’m so proud of it!
    Where do you usually get your planner?


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