Review: Food Delivery Service

How many of you are stuck at work and don’t really have time to go and have lunch? How many of you who are lazy to drive or walk to have lunch?? Well, I am not lazy to walk or drive to have lunch but I feel like the time … Read More

Planner : How I started planning?

When I was in my primary school, I loved being organised. I loved the idea of having a beautiful room which is neat and tidy. I also liked to have my things properly arranged and not to be disturbed by others. However, I was sharing my room with my little … Read More

How to: Clean your leather bag

I love leather bag because of it’s longevity and it’s durable too. I have always stored my bag in a dustbag so that it doesn’t get dirty or ruined when it comes into contact with other bags that I store in the same place. Recently, i took out my very … Read More